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At MINED you will be able to develop as an entrepreneur and investor, within our training academies in:

Trading: Binaries, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Index and Commodities.

E-Commerce:Dropshipping, Cash on Delivery, Dropservice (coming soon), Print on Demand (coming soon).

In both areas we have certified and profitable educators, who generate incomes above 5 figures, as a result of their experience and effectiveness.

You will have team mentoring according to your training academy, and tools for a better performance. In the trading academy, for example, you will have 2 pattern scanners (monthly subscription) and a completely free investment ideas app.

You will also be able to be an ambassador of the MINED academy, which will allow you to access many benefits and earn commissions through our exclusive MINED Ambassadors program.
It´s very easy to belong to MINED, which is why we recommend you to follow the next steps:
  • Go to with the invitation code from a sponsor.
  • Complete the data, and select the Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual study pack.
  • Then go to the shopping cart and choose the payment method of your choice (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Niubis, Skrill).
  • Make the payment and finalize your purchase.
  • A code will be generated with a password that will enable your Back Office.
At MINED we thought in the Latin-American reality, and we decided to create subscriptions and memberships accessible for any student. This inscription has a cost of $135 (included tuition), while the monthly membership has a cost of $100. Additionally, we have created quarterly and annual packs to guarantee savings and commodity for our MINED students community.
At MINED you will have classes 24/7, through live classes and recorded classes. The schedules are in the morning, afternoons and nights. Even at early mornings, to adapt to the different time zones and the time conditions of our students.

* All this information will be available in the subscription academy.

You will be able to find the recorded classes at the bottom of the
MINED TV platform, within the space of each educator.

You will be able to access classes in both of our platforms. Through
MINED Academy by entering ( with your user
and password (the same as your Back Office), then selecting the
learning academy where you subscribed. Or through MINED TV by
entering ( with your user and password. Here you will
be able to access live or recorded classes.

Yes, but it’s optional for each of our students.

By accessing this program, you become an ambassador of the academy, since you carry out marketing actions in favor of the academy; and therefore, you generate commissions according to the sales you can generate with our educational products. You can also gain additional bonuses and international training retreats.
At MINED you will have a maximum time of inactivity of 6 consecutive months. If no payment activity is registered during this 6 months, the code will be suspended. If you want to activate it later, you will have to make a new affiliation with the cost of the initial registration.
The IBO is an exclusive service for the ambassador. That is, who is in charge of promoting MINED products. However, this service does not give access to the educational platforms of the academy, since the IBO’s payment ($9) is only a membership as an ambassador of the academy.

To manage your requests, we have available the following emails:

  • for the ambassadors in the schedule
    of 9:00 am–7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.
  • for the academy customers
    in the schedule of 9:00 am-7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

MINED Go is an exclusive app for Trading students where they can find investment ideas, from the best traders in Latin America, on Forex and Commodities. With it they will be able to complement their education and take their investments to the next level. The way to enter the app consists in 3 simple steps:

  • Be an active student in the Trading academy.
  • Download the app in your cellphone
  • Open the app and login with your same user and password of
    the Back Office.
At MINED we have made two pattern scanners available to all Trading students to complement their education. To access them you must follow a few simple steps:
  • Be an active student in the Trading academy.
  • Buy the Scanner service in the online store.
  • Access to Wedge Vision ( or to Flag Tracker ( with your same user and password of the Back Office.
Remember you must enter your password in capital letters or you can update it in your user panel.
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